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Mario King Kong Game GAME PLAY FREE

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    Use W, A, S, D keys to control Mario.

  • “On this page, you'll play the game King Kong Mario, one of your best free mario games! King Kong Mario is the game that allows you to play with another player such as your friend. You cannot complete the level without your friend that is in the shape of a turtle. Use W, A, S, D key to control mario. To jump to the higher point, use the ropes that are slouching. To control the turtle, your friend, use the arrow keys. Have fun!”

King Kong Mario is a teamwork flash game. You can play by yourself or with a friend. Player 1 is Mario while Player 2 is Turtle. Turtle has the ability to roll and his small size means he can squish into places Mario couldn’t go. Mario can pick up objects and throw them around the screen while Turtle cannot because of the severe lack of actual fingers (no worries, he can still climb).The object of each level is to reach the door as a team and stand there. In video you can watch walkthrough from 1-5 level of this great game!



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