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Super Mario Star Scramble 3 GAME PLAY FREE

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    Arrows: Move | Z or Space: Jump | X: FireballNote: Super Mario Star Scramble 3 will automatically save your progress so you can finish later if you want!

  • “Yet another installment of the popular Super Mario Brothers Star Scramble series, this 3rd chapter of the flash game has you searching the stage to collect 3 stars as you literally scramble around. The usual powerups like mushrooms and fire flowers will aid your quest along the way. Once you collect the 3 stars, the exit door will open, allowing you to continue on.”

Mario Star Scramble 3 is a great Mario Adventure Game. Jump, run and duck your way through all the new Worlds that Super Mario Star Scramble 3 has to offer!



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