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MARIO RUN II Free Game Online

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    L/R Arrows: Shift Left or Right | SPACE or Up Arrow: Jump (can x2 for double jump)

    ARROW keys to control. Hold back (left arrow key) to slow down Mario, and right arrow to sprint. SPACE for jump, and double tap Space key to jump even higher! Don't get to the edge of the screen cause you will die.

  • “Super Mario Run 3. In this version, there is new graphic art and monsters. Mario also can double jump, yea! :) Mario has to run and collect gold, eat mushrooms, kill monsters, etc. Be carefull, it is dangerous in this world. Good luck!”

Run Mario 3 is an endless runner featuring everyone’s favorite plumber. Make strategic use of the Left and Right arrows to slow Mario down or speed him up as the game will always have him running forward and he can often get way too far ahead of the screen. Avoid the fire but grab everything else as it will only add to your score. As you go, the game will get faster and faster making it very difficult to survive!




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