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Super Mario Crossover Free Game Online

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    Arrows: Move - Z: Jump - X: Attack/Shoot - S: Alternate Attack

  • “Super Mario Crossover packs all your favorite Nintendo characters and personalities into one neat flash game. The world and setting are of the original Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo but instead of only playing as Mario or Luigi, you can now choose between: Mario, Link, Bill, Simon, Samus, or Megaman. You don't simply play the game the same way as if you were Mario though. Whoever you pick, you get their abilities too so be prepared to be shooting your enemies down from a distance if you pick Bill or Samus. After you complete each stage (or die), you can choose a new character if you wish so in this way you can maximize each character.”

Play the original Super Mario Bros. as classic video game characters.

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