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Paper Mario World 2 GAME PLAY FREE

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    Click "PLAY" or Enter a Password to Start.
    Passwords: L1=skiplearn, L2=goomparty, L3=castlefeast

    To Play: L/R Arrow: Walk Left/Right - Up Arrow: Jump - Down Arrow: Close Guide - Space: Hammer - CTRL+Arrow: Run

  • “Paper Mario World 2 is a spinoff game of the original Paper Mario. You are armed with a hammer (SPACE BAR) but can still jump on your foe's heads in order to defeat them as well. Every time you happen upon a Goomba Party, you'll know you're starting a new level. The castle level (3rd level) is especially fun and features you running from a boulder a la Indiana Jones.”

Paper Mario World 2 – The sequel to Paper Mario World – A Flash Super Mario online game inspired by Nintendo’s Paper Mario video game series.



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