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Mario Egg Delivery GAME PLAY FREE

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    USE ARROW KEYS TO CONTROL MARIO TRUCK.You can also read the instructions that Mario Egg Delivery are given in the game and follow them carefully!

  • “Let's move on to the next games for today, kids, because we still have a lot of fun adventures to offer you, and, we are very happy to announce you that today brings a new game with one of the most interesting, adventurous and loved italian character, the famous Mario. Mario lives in his magical world, in which he lives with other fun creatures, and sometimes, he has to help them, as well, because Mario has a huge soul and he loves to help his friends, neighbours, and so on. In this game, Mario took a pretty normal job, not the ones that you are probably used to, a job in which he has to deliver eggs to everyone who requires them. These eggs are very special and highly sensitive, so you'd better drive fast and safe, in order to deliver them to the creatures who want them. Help Mario drive the egg truck, and, when you see someone asking for an egg, slow down and deliver them an egg. Good luck kids, and drive safe!”

Play Mario Egg Delivery. Yoshi are on shortage of Yoshi egg. Help Mario delivery the eggs to each Yoshi house on time and on the right house. Collect coins on the way to boost your score.



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