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Mario Bros Motobike 3 Free Game Online

  • Instructions on How to Play this Mario Game:

    Up Arrow: Gas - Down Arrow: Brake - Left/Right Arrow: Lean Left/Right

    P: Pause - 0: Mute Game

    If you lean too far forward or backward, you will crash and you'll have to start the level again.

    Note: The game will remember (save) what stage you left off on.

  • “Mario Bros Motobike 3 is a fantastic dirtbike style game where you must keep control and balance of Mario's bike while he's riding through 7 different levels. The goal of each level is to make it to the end of the level without crashing and also to collect as many coins as possible.”

Play Mario Bros Motobike 3 Game on This is one of the most popular online games available, and it can be played here for free!

Mario is back on his motobike! Can you complete all levels driving on his bike? Collect as much coins you can and don’t fall!




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